January 21, 2024

My Experience Navigating AI Directory Listings

12,000 AI tools featured on 'There's an AI for That'. In today's oversaturated market, how does one stand out?

Nice surprise on Wednesday morning – we got featured!

When I started promoting my AI tool, the real test wasn't just making something cool; it was about getting people to actually see it. With so many things online, this was a tough one. So, I ended up diving into AI directories to see if they could help get my tool out there.

Why AI Directories

I remember back in 2008 it was common to get your project listed on various directories to boost your PageRank (it seems no one talks about PageRank anymore nowadays). So I decided to do the same for Marblism.

The plan was pretty basic but also a bit scary: list my AI tool on 150 AI directories. I decided to give it a go with BoringLaunch. To be honest, I wasn't totally convinced it would work, but I thought, hey, why not?

The Process: A Practical Approach

The process was methodical. Each directory had its own audience, focus, and requirements. The key was not just to list the tool everywhere but to select directories that aligned with our tool’s capabilities and potential user base. This wasn’t about getting lost in a sea of listings; it was about strategic placement in niches where our tool could genuinely shine.

Some directories ask for youtube video so make sure to have that.

The Waiting Game and Gradual Results

After the listings were completed, it became a waiting game. Initially, the results were not ground-breaking. But over time, a steady stream of traffic began flowing from these directories.

The Impact of Directory Listings on Traffic

I was surprised to see Marblism featured in 3 publications:

- Bensbites

- Therundown.ai

- Another one that is coming up soon :)

Bensbites was the best with 542 people coming in a week to our website.

Decent outcome!

The Impact of Directory Listings on Domain Authority

From 0.2 => 2, still a long way to go but better than 0! It should continue to increase as it has been only a week. I'll monitor and report back.

15th Jan 2024
28th January 2024

Lessons Learned

Here’s what I learned: In a world where every tool is dying for attention, directories are an okay tool in the arsenal. You will not enter hyper-growth but if you get featured in a couple of places it's a good way to get some users.

In Marble We Trust,


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Ulric Musset
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