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All endpoints & pages AI-generated
Database schema AI-generated
Email/Password and 30+ Social logins
Integration with OpenAI API
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Integration with AWS S3
Role-level access made easy

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Hi there! We're Cyril & Ulric 👋

Remember those nights of endless coding? We've been there too, launching project after project until finally, one succeeded.

We were going through our list of ideas for the next project, but to be honest we dreaded the first few lines of code.

Picking your frameworks, searching for the best design system, wasting countless hours on setting up your authentication, connecting your front-end to the back-end...

That's why we created Marblism: just describe your app, and voila!

The heavy lifting is done for you. You focus on adding your unique touch.

We hope our product helps you build amazing things.

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2 apps generation
5 iterations
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Green Empress

3 apps generation
Unlimited iteration
Unlimited hosting
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Black Emperador

Unlimited generation
Unlimited iteration
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What do I get exactly?

We generate the database schema, all the endpoints in the API, the design system that you can customise and even a few pages in the front-end.

The AI can still improve, so you will probably need to spend 30 minutes adjusting some code.

What is the tech stack?

Check out the tech stack we use on our documentation.

Do I own the code?

Totally! It's yours. You can clone the generated github repo.  

Do we host the apps?

Yes. You can deploy your apps in one click.

What support is available?

We reply FAST on our Discord.

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